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Tuesday, March 02, 2004
sick ole me

oh dear...last night i woke up at 3+ havin a spliting headache...i couldn get back to slp no matter i went to look for mum to get the peace of mind worked but jus as i was abt to fall aslp...i felt i ran to the toilet and puked..but there was nothing in my tummy to puke out given the u can only imagine how horrible i felt...=/
i had to cancel the outing with frenx today cos of tht...or rather they went w/o me...

i watched the parts of the oscars i missed host billy crystal is freakin
they had sooooo much lotr - duh i wont miss it for anything
they were showing different celebrities so the host to tell how they were feeling...and when the camera got to charlize theron he was like mrs billy crystal..LMAO..=D!!~ and the old man after her was sir-mrs-billy crystal...LOL...nice awards show...esp since lotr won all of which it was nominated for...=)

ok oscars aside...ive been lookin at lotr figurines..OMG can i say tht..they're sooo freakin nice tht i'll marry anyone who has all of them...OMG....lemme show u some...
and i saw the gandalf bk ends at borders once..and mum said she'll get it for me after my we're going this friday...I HOPE THERES STILL STOCK!! or i'll go order...seriously...even if they dun have such a service i'll jus make them then..=/ lol lemme show u pics!
try nt to fall of the chair like i did ya? lol

[If the piCcYs dUn WOrk its cos Bandwith has caught up with them - gd lUck ]

this costs US$300!!!  i bet it'll be sold out in no time

the witch king!!

this wall plague rocks!!
ahh this is one of my faves!! =) its sold out right away for a reason

this is the bk ends tht i saw in borders and im gettin =) 100 over bucks btw...=/

look at this wall plague!! OMG!!  These are jus some of the superbly nice colectibles around...all by weta so they all look like they do in the movies...=)


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Monday, March 01, 2004
call me a lotr freak - whatever

 posted later:


'Rings' Wins Eight Early Oscars
Sunday February 29 11:34 PM ET

Epic fantasy film "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" swept through early categories at the Oscars on Sunday winning eight awards, one in every category in which it was nominated as the night moved closer to the top prize, best film.

The final film in the trilogy based on J.R.R. Tolkien's books about an epic struggle for control of middle-Earth among hobbits, humans, wizards and blood thirsty orcs earned Oscars for costume design, makeup, art direction, visual effects, sound mixing, original score, film editing, and original song.

Directed by New Zealand's Peter Jackson , the three "Rings" movies combined have earned over $2.8 billion at worldwide box offices, and "Return of the King" is the highest grossing of the three with over $1 billion. It is only the second movie in film history to reach the billion box office threshold, behind "Titanic," winner of 1997's best Oscars.

The "Rings" winners took the Oscar stage so often early in the telecast show host Billy Crystal quipped, "There is no one left in New Zealand to thank."

The Oscars, or Academy Awards, are the U.S. film industry's highest honors and are given out each year by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

EIGHT AWARDS!!! WOOHOO!!! i caught most of it...i missed the earlier parts but wth!! ahhhh
some of the cast were there ...CORRECTION ELEVEN AWARDS IN TOTAL!!! THEY GOT ALL THE AWRDS they were nominated for...yipee!!
..aWWW and they all sat at the aile for easy award
sir ian mckellen was there and so were the 4 hobbits and liv tyler!! ahhh...lemme go find photos!
depp was lookin gd too  - the sexiest man alive alryte~ lol =)

im SOoo freakin happy for the LOtR!!! YiPPEE!! funny host was like saying..pple are moving to new zealand jus to be jackon must be sooo happy =)

congrats to the greatest film in the world!!!

Posted at Monday, March 01, 2004 by 0o.firalphiel.o0


i bought the black eyed peas album elephunk too...thts cos i couldnt find good charlotte's album...=/
quite nice...give or take it deserves 3.5 stars
incubus , some songs are really weird...u cant help but skip the track...such as the 2nd song...=/ megalomaniac tho..=)..if its jus a rock cd worth a spin..i'd say deserves 3 stars at
i feel like an album rater...yes i shall do jus tht...the prob is tht all the ratings are scattered all over this in a rush to meet my fren can hang around much...apologies..she's gonna call and yell soon

oh yes since she;'s back frm indiA  as well....we talked till 1 last night..or rather this morn...yeap...we used to talk to 3am...but lets nt go there'd have starved to death by then...
arh...i registered for the poly on sat...i really hope to get in my course...=/
and pal bought the linkin park meteora tAPE in india....yes tAPE..LMAO...aww at least she has the album now....gosh tht reminds seeing her later...and her bday pressie is nt wraped yet! AH!
laterx peepers

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Saturday, February 28, 2004
sad soul

damn the results...very disappointed for my fnn =( thts one of my fave subjects and i banged soo hard on it...and what did i get?? a miserable man =(
at the same time im so glad i passed my maths...1st time in my life man =)!!!
and my geog's another miracle..i think they realised tht the paper was too darn lovely mcq must have pulled me up alot..=)
my sciences too..chem tutor was quite happy...=) yay..those were my 2 distinctions..thts abt it..grrx
my bloody combined humanes i got a freakin C5...dammit man..always suck at local papers...darn the social studies..=/
eng i got a B3 did tht happen thought my compo was soo cliche i was only gonna
ok nuff bout the miserable results..i practically exposed all my results...arh whatever..
it was really nice to see ole frens again tho..=) and teachers...haiz/ plan to see ole nair didnt work too upset for my fnn too btw...=( frn said there was a distinction from express..omg..must be tht weirdo #$%^@&!!!!! fuck her man...heard she's the top in our class too...ahhh whatever...weird pple always make it to the nt saying eveyone smart's weird but u get the picture ya? =/
to those who didnt quite make it...go APPEAL!! yeah u guys can make it into the poly's u wanna get into! fight it out babes~

another thing abt those peeps going to jc....CHINESE!!! bwahahhahhhahaha =X im so over tht...i mean think abt nv gonna learn chinese EVER...woohoo~ =D!~
i just registered for the poly today...went so freakin early in the morn to tp to fetch brother for his classes there too...=/...their skool's hmmmm...what can i say man... i'll jus be within the applied science block if i manage to get in anyway...i'll be hopin and prayin hard

bought a new belt today..alas more droopin jeans stretch the more u wear them they'll d-rop
i wanna get incubus's new album is it out yet?? love their new song ...saw the mtv =)

there u go the picture of their new album..=)

oh man today outside the mall...OMG they had a lotr exhibition booth thingy? OMG!! im sooo gonna go ..couz where are u??! =(
couz u did sooooooooooooooooo well in the o's....all soo happy for u !!!

woohoo~ jus msged brother to get the incubus album...yay! lol...hopefully he gets it man..
it feels so much better to rant it all my pals to pals too...most of them lp fans tho...jus met another potential gaming bud was 3am in canada before he
and those lp buds tht flood me with pictures....cant help but love
i jus ate a slice of bread and im still there something wrong with me?

posted later:
hmmm yes brother did get the incubus album..quite nice but ive a few comments tht are better left to myself tht i shall nt post here...yupp
oh gosh went to grandfather's place...couz was there...i feel so sad but wtf...
and i fuckin missed the lotr return of the king making!!!!!!! OMG...i only saw like 5+ mins towards the end....NOOOOOO ='(

Posted at Saturday, February 28, 2004 by 0o.firalphiel.o0

Thursday, February 26, 2004
results tmr~~!

results results are tmr!! finally man....i had dreams abt it only yesterday...and im feelin all clammy...this is so nt workin out..=(
all the best to me...this is the last time im steppin into tht horror skool of mine...or shall i say ex-skool..arh wtf...they better gimme my results...oh speakin of tht..i gotta go find a hairspray...ahh...or maybe i'll jus ignore it...what can they do man...lock me uP? i'll burn dwn the skool

had amaths tution jus now...gosh is the new topic tough or what? intergration is the reverse of differentiation..=/
wow a nice new maroon chuck taylor's sellin for 35 on auctions...hmmm i'd pay 20 bucks happily for it tho...=) but i jus got a new pair of shoes so screw tht
ive only got a couple pairs of shoes..i wish i was a shoe junkie...but wtf im nt even workin...

like the blog's new header picture?? i made it and yes thts sora and kairi frm kingdom hearts..aww sweet eh? its gonna be there forever until i make another nicer graphic..=)
here are some quizzes...hmmm or rather jus bored and im going to bed

Adventure Orlando

What Orlando Bloom are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Posted at Thursday, February 26, 2004 by 0o.firalphiel.o0

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